About our company


The group of YUKON logistics companies have been working since 2001. Working experience in logistics makes us one of the leading regional market players, where the requirements to the service qualities, flexibility of approaches, difficulties of the tasks and the time of their solutions are getting increased. We have been realising this unique experience for clients from different spheres, starting with heavy, light and food industry to oil processing and sales. Our wish to become the leading company in logistics encourages us to be the leader in quality, expenses, accuracy and time of performing services. Only by meeting this requirement we can provide achieving the main goal, which is turning our logistics into a competitive advantage of our clients.

YUKON logistics is one of a few logistics operators that have professionalism regarding transnational and local truck and railway haulages, expediting, logistics of customs and transborder regulation, and the integrated industrial logistics for manufacturers.

In order to support the clients interested in optimization of  export-import logistics flows UKON logistics is developing individual solutions in customs procedures, crossing the borders and organizing temporary storage. The main purpose of the company is providing a flawless moving of goods, safety of processes and minimizing of the expenses involved.

Our solutions in the sphere of industrial logistics allow our clients to delegate us the whole logistics sphere of the companies for outsourcing. Moreover, we reach a full integration with subdivisions of our clients up to realizing a part of  post-production operations, such as packaging, repackaging, preparation of the goods for a special distribution and advertising.

All that is possible thanks to significant investments into the joint projects. In cooperation with the biggest financial companies we are always ready to equip the logistic ifrastructure of our objects with the most modern machines.

The main advantage of UKON logistics is flexibility and working out individual logistics solutions. Our team, comprising only highly professional specialists, develops schemes according to three criteria: stability, reliability and competitiveness. Alongside with that, we always provide backup solutions that allow us to be sure in the safety of goods flows.
Our development is based on the nonstop improvement through innovative solutions. Working out and intoducing innovations and hi-tech instruments along with a constant work on reviewing logistics schemes allow us to increase the competitiveness of our clients.

The specialists of UKON logistics are skilled in different fields and are located in many regions. However, no matter the professions, we all have something in common: we do our work with the same enthusiasm and commitment, aiming at turning our logistics into a competitive advantage of our clients.