Haulage company

TEK AutoPlus, LLC is a haulage company, dealing with preparing and planning truck haulages. The main point of its activities is choosing suitable vehicles for hauling goods, taking into account their dimensions, number of lots and weight, along with choosing an appropriate route according to the estimated due date (EDD). On top of that, the weather and seasonal conditions should be also considered.
LLC «TEK AutoPlus» takes a stable position in truck haulages, thanks to its main principle which is making partnership with clients, based on cooperation and professionalism.

Transport logistics is a well-organized system that allows reducing the time and financial expenses on the process of goods delivery.
The TEK AutoPlus, LLC specialists have been working in haulage and transportation services since October, 2010. Since that time we have organized a full vehicle maintenance service on the route, thanks to our cooperation with BelTruckService (Reno dealer) that provides a high quality of haulages.
Truck haulages are convenient, because it is possible to fit their schedule to a vehicle load.
Having an own motor-vehicle fleet makes it easier to solve such problems without any serious difficulties. Moreover, it is possible to involve a hired vehicle if needed.
TEK AutoPlus, LLC has a long-term partnership with many Russian transport corporations, which allows using different types of trucks for different types of haulages.
Another advantage of truck haulage for clients is a possibility to monitor a vehicle load by using a navigation system on the route.

Geographic location
The close to border location of the region promotes an intensive development of transnational economic activities. Many major truck routes of transnational importance go through Belgorod region and connect Moscow with the southern regions of Russia, Ukraine and Transcaucasia. They are used for local and long haulages.

In the long-term TEK AutoPlus, LLC sets ambitious, brave, but real goals in several ways:

  • Performing transnational haulages through CIS countries

  • Performing transnational haulages to Europe

  • Making new agreements of long-term cooperation with Russian and European manufacturers.