Technosnab WTS, LLC

Warehouse for temporary storage (WTS), with its owner Technosnab, LLC (certificate № 10101/031110/10051/2 on including into the Register of the WTS owners issued May 31, 2013.) is located on the industrial area in the Western part of the city. It is convenient for transportation and is close to the border-crossing point. There is a Belgorod customs point nearby. There are non-public railways and motor vehicle roads coming directly to the WTS buildings and its outdoor sites. WTS is located 30 km away from Nehoteyevka, the International Automobile Border-crossing Point, and 25 km away from Shebekinskiy customs unit, named after V. A. Dankov. The railroad haul of the rolling stock with Kreida railway base station is 5.3 km. WTS is equipped with necessary engineering services. There are 2 canteens and grocery stores with different working schedules at a walking distance. There are 4 hotels with the necessary facilities 3.5 km away from the WTS. There is a parking for the participants of foreign economic activities. WTS is located on a 32,992 square km-sized space and it has warehouses on 3,242 square km, including WTS itself and a territory, equipped for a car parking (for the transport that hauls goods during the time necessary for the internal customs transit). The useful space of the outdoor sites can hold 110 heavy trucks without their factual load off at the same time. There are technological alleys and spaces for truck maneuvering. There are spaces for 300 vehicles on the adjoining territory. So, the capacity of today’s WTS is 410 vehicles in 24 hours.

Warehouses allow holding extra lots which were delivered and left by vehicles for the time of customs registration. There are metal stands for multilevel storage of goods that were given for bailment in covered buildings. It allows holding up to 75 europallets with a maximum 3 meters height. WTS is equipped with modern load-haul-dump machines (lift trucks and palette jacks), slatted gate with reloading dock, weighing equipment (vehicle scales with 30 tons weight limit, electronic crane scales, floor scales with different weight limits), equipment for controlling fissionable and radioactive materials (2 units of «Yantar 2» with an obligatory neutron channel, separately for motor and railway vehicles), Rapiscan 632XR X-ray equipment, that significantly improves the quality and clearance of every stage of customs control.

WTS is equipped with an 83 cubic meters freezer. There is a staff room with the necessary equipment for Rosselkhoznadzor employees at a walking distance. According to Minselkhoz of Russia and FCS of Russia Decree № 542/2013 issued November 5, 2009 the WTS is certified and meets veterinary-sanitary requirements. There is a special place in the covered building for storing goods that are harmful for other goods and require special storing conditions. This place is isolated from the main space. There are 2 sites for temporary storing of goods with a high level of ionizing emission separately for motor and railway vehicles in the open space. There is a horizontal 30×12 m site for keeping portable screening equipment because the WTS is a territory of customs control.

The WTS territory is surrounded by a fence and is covered with asphalt. There is a 24-hour security checkpoint on the adjoining territory; the area is controlled by CCTV cameras. Currently, the WTS sites and the WTS adjoining territories for finishing customs transit are also equipped with CCTV cameras. The WTS uses modern customs technologies. The stock count at the WTS is performed with the use of the automatic stock count system and the software that is approved for customs authorities performing customs clearance and control.