Forwarding Сoordination Center

Forwarding Сoordination Center, located in Voronezh, is a next step in the development of the industrial logistics project in Kolodezniy.

Forwarding Сoordination Center performs railway logistics for all the subdivisions of UKON LOGISTICS group of companies and its Partners. It deals with railway haulages, forwarding, certification, customs registration, railway logistics that is integrated into industrial logistics for manufacturers.

Forwarding Coordination Center (FCC) has long-time relations with freight-wagon companies and major forwarding agents in RF and CIS.

FCC managers have special working skills in the railway sphere and successfully solve their tasks. A constant work on the optimization of logistics schemes allows us to increase competitiveness of our clients and gain our own unique experience.

Participation in complex industrial logistics projects gave us a valuable experience of working with recycling and agricultural goods. That allowed us to make an offer to the major grain traders of the federal level.

At this moment we have partnership with such market leaders as SODRUZHESTVO, BUNGE, CHS, AUTSPAN, KRASNODARZERNOPRODUCT, ARTIS. Professionalism, flexibility and innovative approach of all the UKON LOGISTICS subdivisions result in the successful complementation of the tasks and resolving the most specific situations.

FCC performs haulages of grain crops, oilcakes and oils of food, feed and technical purposes by railway transport from stations of Ugo-Vostochnaya and adjoining railways. The Company services include all range of execution and also providing the rolling stock for haulage, which lets our Partners carrying on their business and remote controlling of the processes.