Vostochniy Terminal

Vostochniy Terminal is a highly professional logistics operator that performs full range of services in load handling, storing, forwarding and customs clearance of goods and freights. Vostochniy Terminal was founded in 1976 as a transregional complex for storage and distribution. It was used for supplying the agroindustrial companies with machines and materials. It has been an OJSC since 1993.

The terminal deals with the freights crossing the RUSSIA-UKRAINE border in both directions. It has a vast experience in performing the full range of logistics services at a highly professional level, which is proved by good comments of our partners, including big western companies producing customary goods as well as Russian importers, exporters and producers of metal, pipes, equipment and end products. Nowadays the terminal handles more than 30,000 tons of loads monthly, along with receiving and sending up to 300 wagons and 400 trucks.

Warehouse complex:

  • Is located in the city, close to a major transport junction;
  • The total area is 49,267 square meters;
  • Fully autonomic;
  • Includes a 1st category customs point;
  • Includes approaching railway lines allowing to hold up to 30 wagons at the same time and to maneuver them with 3 own locomotives;
  • 24-hour security
  • Parking facilities and convenient approach;
  • High professionalism and big experience of the warehouse staff;
  • Applying modern technologies in warehouse work;
  • Possibility of renting offices.