Kolodezhniy Logistics Complex

KLC is located in an industrial park of Bunge SNG oil-extracting factory in Voronezh Region, Kolodezhniy.

In the process of launching the complex UKON logistics group focused on modern technical and technological solutions, invested resources into infrastructure and machines, meeting the modern requirements. The complex is equipped with a diesel locomotive operation, engine-house, offices, amenity space, back office location, specially developed software, security system and video monitoring.

The volume and structure of activities involve all the sides of industrial logistics. The complex fully provides for the plant needs in transport and materials handling, the goods are dispatched into tankers, hopper-wagons, covered trucks and cars.

foot-plate staff, shunters and traffic controllers perform a shunting work on approach lines to the plant and Kolodeznaya railway station.

The volume of work performed by bunkering and pouring brigades dealing with the materials handling of crude and refined oil, sunflower seeds and finished pruducts, amounts to half a million tons per year.

The goods are dispatched to the RF, CIS as well as far-abroad countries with all the necessary documents prepared by our own certification and customs registration department.