Podgornoye Logistics Complex

Podgornoye Logistics Complex is situated on the territory of the Voronezh branch of Eurocement group, CJSC cement plant (Podgorenskiy, Rossoshanskiy district, Voronezh region).

The logistics complex began its work in summer 2013.

The complex provides the logistics of the plant with a railway transport. The shipment and receipt of the plant goods are performed with gondolas, hopper cars and covered trucks.

The logistics complex includes 10 km of non-public railway tracks, 23 automatic railway switchpoints, signaling system and a car dumping machine.

There are maneuvering dispatcher module with an electrical signalbox in it, engine house with locomotive servicing infrastructure, office and utility rooms. 4 locomotives with a right to go on public railways do the maneuvering work.

The capacity of the complex is aimed at 2 millions of tons of railway load handling per year. Our own locomotive drivers brigades, shunters and dispatchers are doing the maneuvering work on approach railways to the factory and Podgornoye UVZHD station. All way utility and railway infrastructure are serviced by our own track servicemen and signaling arrangements.