Performing a range of railway haulage services

Logistic-profy gained a unique experience in the process of realizing the projects of railway logistics outsourcing for the major industrial companies. Nowadays, drawing on this valuable experience it organizes railway haulages.
The goods are dispatched from any stations of Ugo-Vostochnaya, Moskovskaya, Privolzhskaya, Kuybishevskaya and other railways.

The range of services includes:

  • Providing an empty rolling stock.
    well-running cooperation with wagon-owners allows providing wagons for loading on optimal conditions. The wagon approach is organized according to a loading schedule and the current situation at the station.
  • Preparation of forwarding documentation.
    A vast experience of working with different level authorities allows a fast execution of all the necessary forwarding documents. A flexible approach to sorting out any exceptional situations ensures the cargo shipper from any failures considering the timely forwarding of the wagons.
  • Preparation of haulage documents.
    The application of the ETRAN system provides a prompt execution of railway documents. The qualification of YUKON logistics, GC specialists minimizes a chance of mistake in a way-bill execution.
  • Optimization of work with railway structures
    Prompt signing of tripartite contracts on optimal conditions for the cargo shipper. Registration of wagon layover on public railways. Providing timely arrival of haulage for maneuvering and spotting/picking wagons.

A complex approach to the organization of sending and hauling loads allows YUKON logistics, GC clients to perform haulages remotely, without developing the own logistics structures. The costs of Logistic-profy services are calculated before haulages, providing a careful planning of the client’s total expenses for haulage, excluding emergency expenses.
The main volume of haulages accrues to grain crops, oilcake and oils of food, feed and technical purposes.