UTS Logistics Terminal

LLC UTS is a logistics terminal that performs a full range of services in load handling, storing, forwarding and customs clearance of goods and freights that come by a railway transport. The main feature of UTS, LLC, that performs process and price advantages, is its location exactly at the Belgorod railway station. It allows the clients to plan logistic chains considering the maximum effectiveness and time minimization.

The range of terminal services includes:

  • Spotting/picking;
  • WTS services;
  • Customs clearance;
  • freight handling;
  • Storing;
  • Reconsignment;
  • Shipment of goods;
  • Expediting.

UTS, LLC specializes in the handling of flow freights coming from the Ukraine and Moldova by a railways, with the following railway and truck shipment.
UTS, LLC has a customs control zone that allows holding more than 70 wagons with freights undergoing customs control at the same time.

The terminal is equipped with modern lifting and control machines:

  • 50-ton traveling-bridge crane;
  • 32-ton traveling-bridge crane;
  • 10-ton portal crane;
  • 2 32-ton mobile cranes;
  • Magnets of 40-ton tractive effort;
  • Weighing equipment.